Poem of the Day: ‘Endless Silence’ by Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca

Endless Silence


I am like a brother to you well yes you can tell me

How you got married

How you stopped loving one night

All right you can tell me


And then in the days of that old photograph

Your Mother had not gone mad yet

Your hair was golden as it caressed your white shoulders

All right you can tell me


You used to laugh a lot

At trees

You were a sylph the forest kept you awake when it sprouted

All right you can tell me


Then you ran away from home

To thoughts solitude sleep death

Starknaked among the ruins of a fire

All right you can tell me


A girl a boy a stone shadows on the walls a girl a boy

Three hundred youths you had slept in a mountain shelter

Outside the snow was cold as wolves in your heart you froze like the stone age

All right you can tell me


Look tomorrow I am leaving for another darkness

Like cemeteries I am silent mournful deaf

Yes you no longer have faith in love   yes you will love no one ever again

All right you can tell me


— Translated by Talat S. Halman. From Living Poets of Turkey, Dost Publications, 1989, p. 26

The Kitten Poster Ordnance

Yes, this is my picture of two beautiful unicorns feeling pretty. Do you want to touch them? APPLICATION DENIED, FOREIGNER. YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO LEAVE GERMANY OR FACE INTERNMENT.

Just a question, prompted by some recent visits to German government bureaucrats: Is there a law requiring the walls of minor public officials to be decorated with posters and pictures of kittens, unicorns, dolphins, and/or  chimpanzees? Die Pflichtverordnung zur umweltorienterten Büroschmuck?