You Always Kill Yourself too Late

Via this isn't happiness: "It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.” — Emil Cioran

The first part of this aphorism seems iffy, but the second is incontrovertible. Another of my favorite quotes from this questionable Romanian comes from an essay about de Maistre: "De Maistre suffered the worst fate that can befall an author: he was understood."

Sources of Pus in Vienna, or German Word of the Week: Eitrige

Via Faith is Torment, pictures of charming Vienna sausage stands by Stefan Furtbauer. The series is called Eiterquellen. More below the pictures.


Now, those of you who are German-powered™ will have noticed the strange title to this photo essay: Eiterquellen translates literally as 'sources of pus.'

Yilcch! Why is this? The answer is as simple as it is disgustinglicious. One of the most popular sausages you will find at these stands is my favorite sausage in the world, Käsekrainer (g), a variant of Slovenian Krainer sausage which has been filled with cheese (Käse). When you cut it open, it looks a little bit like this:


Are you beginning to grasp the scabrous secret behind the title of the photo essay? No? Then let me take you by the hand. In Vienna dialect, a Käsekrainer sausage is affectionately known as an Eitrige (the pus-filled one), after the German word for pus, Eiter. If you think this tells you a lot about the Austrian mentality, you are correct, sir.

So, a sausage stand is one place you can get a 'pus-filled one'. Next time you're in Vienna, I'll be the one at the wurst stand with pus dripping down my chin from an Eitrige im Schlafrock ('Eitrige in a sleeping-gown', basically a croissant).